Introducing the Compression SockAid

This patented, one-of-a-kind Compression SockAid is a device that easily opens the strongest hose and holds them open for you to easily insert your foot into those, otherwise hard to hold, compression hose. The Compression SockAid is not limited to just compression hose, it can be used with every day socks as well. It can be used by anyone, be it youth or elder; patients recovering from surgery; folks with limited mobility; vibrant athletes; or pregnant women who find it difficult to bend over.

The Compression SockAid SOLVES THE PROBLEM!

The Compression SockAid works, because it was invented by someone who had a real problem, experiencing his own difficulties putting on compression hose. Someone who is a problem solver and passionate about sharing this idea to help others with their similar daily donning experience. Please visit “My Story” to learn more about the inventor.


Find out what our customers and the experts have to say about the Compression SockAid.

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